How to Choose the Most Effective Traffic Strategies?

Last updated on Aug 10, 2021

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Traffic Strategies are used to attract people into a store, aisle, category, or website. It is of the most important priority that online retailers and website owners have when promoting their sites is traffic development strategies. It is crucial for people who are just getting started in digital marketing and want to make the best use of their resources.

They are promoting their website at the same time. As a result, many Internet marketers struggle to stay focused on their marketing and waste a lot of time and energy switching from one strategy to the next.

Most Effective Traffic Strategies

Fortunately, we may prevent this by having a thorough understanding and study of traffic development techniques.

They're advertising their website at the same time. As a result, many Internet marketers struggle to stay focused on their marketing and waste time and energy hopping from one approach to the next. Fortunately, this is avoidable with adequate understanding and study of traffic development techniques.

This article will assist you in analyzing your traffic generating techniques and making an informed choice about which ones would be most effective in advertising your website. 

Let's start with a common misconception regarding traffic generating.

Which Is Better: Paid Traffic Or Free Traffic?

Website owners have a common question: whether they should pay for traffic through pay-per-click advertising, paid classified ads, Facebook advertising, or other paid traffic strategies, or whether they should use free traffic strategies like article sharing, forum posting, or free classified ads.

Realizing that there is no such thing as a free traffic plan is the best method to address this conundrum. Even content writing and forum posts take the time to generate money and have a cost, similar to the pay-per-click advertisement or classified advertising.

This "cost" might not reflect real money spent in the very same way as pay-per-click or classified ad costs do. However, it represents future revenue and provides a concrete means to assess the "cost" and the success of free traffic creation strategies.

Choosing The Most Effective Traffic Strategy

Calculating the bottom-line value of each traffic plan in terms of money gained is the first step in determining the optimal traffic strategy for your business. May accomplish it by doing the following analysis

Step 1: Figure Out How Much You’re Customers Are Worth.

The entire amount of money your firm makes by obtaining a new client due to your traffic generation strategy is your customer value. For example, if you sell a $97 digital product that makes you $75 in profit, your total discount per customer is $75.

Step 2: Calculate Your "Cost Per Customer."

Your total cost per client is the amount of money you'll have to spend to make a single sale on your website. For instance, if you're utilizing pay-per-click advertising and paying, if each click to your site costs 25 cents and takes 100 clicks to generate one sale, your cost per client is $25.

If you're submitting a "free" post to an Ezine to create traffic, on the other hand, you'll need to determine the cost of the time spent producing the article depending on how much you think your time is worth. For example, if you devote one-hour writing and typically earn $20 per hour performing freelance work, your Ezine article will cost you $20. If this post receives 100 views and one of them converts.

The use of a classified ad to drive visitors to your website is a third example. If you spend $30 on a classified ad that results in three sales, your cost per client is $10.

Step 3: Calculate Your Average Net Profit Per Customer.

After you've done steps one and two, you'll need to calculate your overall earnings per customer. To get the profit of each client, deduct your cost per customer from the customer value.

It will inform you how effective your traffic generating plan is and provide you with a straightforward way to decide where you should put your money. For instance, if you were to apply the analysis to the preceding examples of traffic generating techniques, you would do it as follows:

PPC Advertising

  • The customer value is $75.
  • Customer costs: $25
  • $50 profit per customer

Article Marketing On Ezine

  • The customer value is $75.
  • Customer costs: $20
  • $55 profit per customer

Campaign For Classified Ads

  • The customer value is $75.
  • Customer costs: $10
  • $65 profit per customer

The study findings are simple to understand how specific "free" traffic generating techniques might wind up being more "costly" than others that need an upfront financial investment.

While these "free" techniques are beneficial, they may not be the most important location to invest your time and money.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Traffic Strategies

One of the simplest methods to identify which traffic generating techniques to devote the most energy/cost is to do this study.

Once you've mastered this, you can move on to more advanced strategies that require analysis of things like money spent hiring copywriters or web programmers. Or the cost of time spent doing these things yourself, money earned on upsells or cross-sells. And the customer's lifetime value based on potential repeat business.

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